Man says his sister was killed while visiting friend in Osogbo (graphic photo)



Pretty Kemi Arobieke (pictured above) died last week in Osogbo and her family suspects foul play. Below is something her brother sent to LIB
“I write this with a heavy heart the demise of my immediate younger sister Kemi Arobieke who was murdered. On Thursday 6th of August, my sister left for Osogbo to see Bode Olugbore, the State Special Adviser to Governor Aregbesola without telling anyone only for us to get a call on the 8th, Saturday, that she had died in an accident in Osogbo.

The police asked us to come immediately that it was tragic. We got to osogbo in the night but was told to wait for the DPO the next morning. We got the shocker on Sunday that my beloved sister was electrocuted. We went to the mortuary where we discovered that she was not electrocuted but murdered”
There’s a photo of her corpse after…

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Beginning With the Enfleshed God

Musing Life's Mysteries

To begin, I feel a compelling need to start with the Beginning—without Whom I would have no purpose for writing, moreover, no purpose. Only on account of the indwelling Life of the Enfleshed God do I even possess a life to live, a life to share, and a life to invest and bestow. So with the Beginning I begin. With the Life I live. And with the Truth I endeavor to commune with you.

This being the sign of anything to come, I hope you’re prepared to walk this path.

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physical & spiritual

The best mirror is an old friend.

Our Beloved Geoffrey, from Walking With God (Our spiritual and physical Journey towards God) Start on one of this pages: “God Has Many Messengers” That’s true, isn’t it?

The unexpected kindness, From an unexpected place. A hand outstretched in friendship, A smile on someone’s face. A word of understanding, Spoken in an hour of trial. Are unexpected miracles, That make life more worthwhile. We don’t know how it happened, That in an hour of need; Somebody out of nowhere, Proved to be a friend indeed. For God has many messengers, We fail to recognize. But He sends them when we need them, For His ways are wondrous and wise. So keep looking for an angel. And keep listening to hear, For on life’s busy crowded streets You will find God’s presence near. With many peaceful blessings –Geoffrey

Beloved Geoffrey, I feel this writing is true from…

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Conscious Will

Orpheus Eye

stroll out of this
with body intact, will
struggle through
bear holds
and foot-soldier
trapped doors, will
unfold consciousness
from palmed
unopened wonder, will
continue even if body is over

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What’s in It?

The best mirror is an old friend.

(Dutch News) Populist Wilders threatens to go public with ‘shocking’ secret information (read more about it here)

😉 “considered to be so confidential that they have to remain secret, even from party members.

Very trustable man... He likes to have attention, doesn't matter how... Before with the movie Fatna, against Muslim's (was a flop)... and now again attention. With other words I do not understand why people gave so much attection to that fellow.

(Dutch News) RIP: Police find three bodies at family home in Veghel (read more about it here)

(Dutch News) RIP: Els Borst

I don’t know her, never saw her personally eye to eye (never met), to me she look very wise. Why she was killed?

RIP : Tony Lara

Tony Lara died in Sturgis, South Dakota . He was found dead at a private residence. According to reports, preliminary autopsy results determined he had a heart attack during a motorcycle rally. / Tony Lara was a ship captain known for his appearance on the Discovery Channel reality program Deadliest Catch. He was on Season 7 with the Cornelia Marie fishing vessel. / Compilation by Abeltje Quintijn for / The Awareness Project Alive

To be honest with all, never saw his program on TV, but to me he was a happy man.

I prommised in a previous post to write about the 50.000.000/- US$ what was given by the air-force fellows to the PM from Nepal. Latest Tech. with them, flying near the borders from China and India. one…

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When Nightmares become alive in the daytime?

The best mirror is an old friend.


RIP : Wes Craven (dies at 76)

What about some scary words; Pedosexuality, Horror, war on drugs, Key Room Nr. 12 Missing

Dear, Beloved, Followers, Guest, Fans, Likes, Strangers, Readers etc. I wrote already on this blog that I am working in The UNI Hotel, Pokhara, Nepal. And so, all kinds of things to do, nice that there are not so many guests, otherwise I could write this page… Also scary; 25 April 2015. I was on top of The UNI Hotel, in the restaurant talking with the boys who were (not any more) working there. Than all of a sudden everything started to shake. The boys were very quick out site the building and I was thinking what I should do. Finally I walked slowly down, came outsite where everyone was gethered. After all, nothing demaged, all the tea cups where on their place…

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To the future one and only

The best mirror is an old friend.

Dear beloved readers, fan’s, followers, likes etc. I saw something in my e-mail; Adedoyin Adetutu likes my post, and I really love this one! click here… It’s so… Lovely, truthfully, and one word just came up ‘despair‘ To be truthfully to all, I have no idea what that means… (Loss of hope; utter hopelessness; complete despondency. Source) Oops? I was looking for you on the web, found something; facebook, and:

يد المساعدة معا'Caroline Pino' She is no more with her body, hopefully we can find eachother again. Love you.“I wonder if you have been heartbroken a number of times or if you have ever loved?” It is not a question to me personally, but I will give you an answer; Yes and Yes! And don’t forget; beloved! I do remember one beautiful girl, she is no more, but when I see flowers I can hear her wispering, singing songs. That’s romantic. (In dutch: klik hier)

10:34… The plumber came, cause somewhere water is…

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