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The best mirror is an old friend.

Someone was searching on my site for ‘amazon indians’ and so… P.s. When clicking the compilations, it will bring you elsewhere, the first goes to The UNI Hotel, Pokhara, Nepal, the others… surprice! 😉

The Unconquered: In Search of the Amazon’s Last Uncontacted Tribes

In the far west of the Brazilian Amazon reside some of the last indigenous tribes on Earth untouched by modern society. In 2002, writer and photographer Scott Wallace, on assignment for National Geographic magazine, undertook a three month journey through the Javari Valley Indigenous Land on an expedition to map and protect the territory of the flecheiros, or Arrow People, named for the poison-tipped arrows they use. Wallace turned the chronicles of his adventure into a book while in residence as a Public Policy Scholar at the Wilson Center.

On November 21, Wallace returned to the Center to present his finished book, The Unconquered: In Search…

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