A Song for Michel hoff

The best mirror is an old friend.

Michel Hoff

I have known you, as a man, want to reach out for all kinds of others, you was living in the wood, drawing some paintings for your living. You was in according with me, absolutely mad, your feelings drove you crazy, but honest, your truth was written in your books. A tree fell down, luckily the Internet was helping you out. Cause famous in a way wasn’t allowed to use some shop’s, the library’s. Had to find another location, but soon the trouble started again, also cause some stupid mistakes brought yourself and others in danger, But you have been forgiven by others, by some absolutely not. Even after you died not any good was written bout you. I am so happy that I made of your publicized writings a copy – After you died your personal pages were deleted, you got a bit mixed up, 2 sort of pages…

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About Abeltje Quintijn

Dear Readers, fan's, lovers, etc... Strange path of my live... Wanna be me, it has to be me, I am wanna be... If you undertand what I am talking about... Don't foget it's not 'The Ego', the false self, it's real me. Good luck all my brother, sisters, etc... Keep this planet as long as possible alive. Thanking you all. Loving you
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