The German sauna ‘Survival Guide’

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Yes, that’s what German saunas are like. The norm, really.

Today, I’m not persuading or recommending anyone to go for a sauna experience in Germany. This is because I think as adults we can make informed decisions. I know many foreigners might be hesitant to visit a sauna in Germany because they’ve heard of many ‘rules’ which are different from whatever they’re used to back home. Some are extremely uncomfortable with nudity. And it probably doesn’t help to know that these saunas are mixed. Ok, I imagine my mum feeling her heart in her throat now.

We visited Panoramabad in Bornheim today. It’s an ordinary sports center with a huge swimming hall and a separate sauna area. Feeling the need to chill out and loosen those tight back and neck muscles, what could do us more good than a good sauna session? If you too ever fancy a sauna…

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