John Frame: A Presuppositionalism of the Heart

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On Wednesday I expressed some frustration with John Frame’s Apologetics to the Glory of God: An IntroductionBut there were three points that particularly made an impact on me. The first point was to do with the four essential components of a Christian Worldview; the second had to do with the image of God, and the point of contact to which apologists appeal. The third is this:

3. A ‘presuppositionalism of the heart’

At the conclusion of a long section on methodological considerations regarding apologetics as proof, in which Frame has contrasted Van Til’s approach with the more traditional approach and offered some really helpful pushback to Van Til along the way, he concludes thus:

It may no longer be possible to distinguish presuppositional apologetics from traditional apologetics merely by externals – by the form of argument, the explicit claim of certainty or probability, etc. Perhaps presuppositionalism is more of an…

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