The Anti-God, Our Hero

The Mind of RD REVILO

  • A-Salaam Alaikum
  • Wa-alaikum-salaam
  • Brothers, Gentlemen
  • Welcome to secrecy
  • Where we determine how things be
  • If His People Are In Power
  • What does that say about God
  • If His people are not in power
  • What does that say about God
  • How does a minority
  • Rise and rule over a majority
  • By inventing God and controllingmoney
  • Around these two concepts
  • Are the greatestorganization and best control
  • These two ideas have conquered
  • Almost every soul
  • If, you escape one, you are caught by the other
  • If you survive one, you are subdued by his brother
  • For under the hood
  • All is good
  • Let them vote
  • It is tantamount to let them eat cake
  • By issuing the currency
  • Wedecide every decision they make
  • Like misty frost, or morning dew
  • You’ll never know, until you awake
  • It’s covering you
  • Thus, we must never make the mistake
  • Of allowing

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About Abeltje Quintijn

Dear Readers, fan's, lovers, etc... Strange path of my live... Wanna be me, it has to be me, I am wanna be... If you undertand what I am talking about... Don't foget it's not 'The Ego', the false self, it's real me. Good luck all my brother, sisters, etc... Keep this planet as long as possible alive. Thanking you all. Loving you
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