Sleepless Night

JenGary New Adventures

Sleepless night makes for a sleepy day. I guess this is one of the wise things said to me when I was a young girl. Well, brilliant. Bravo for whoever first said this. It keeps playing through my head as I toss and turn, toss and turn.

Along with this continual sentence that I keep repeating, a stack of books by my bed are talking to me, a to-do list is growing very very long, how I can be nicer, stronger, healthier, and more creative are creeping in and how no matter what time I drift off, I will be wide awake at first light. I stink at sleeping in. I envy those of you that can sleep till lunch time.

Now, if I could only get something done, but the house is quite. Everyone is asleep. I can not accomplish much and be brilliant at this hour. So, I…

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About Abeltje Quintijn

Dear Readers, fan's, lovers, etc... Strange path of my live... Wanna be me, it has to be me, I am wanna be... If you undertand what I am talking about... Don't foget it's not 'The Ego', the false self, it's real me. Good luck all my brother, sisters, etc... Keep this planet as long as possible alive. Thanking you all. Loving you
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