Things I Believe

raw honesty

And I don’t care if you don’t.

It doesn’t change what I believe. I’m not going to force my beliefs down anyone’s throat.

1.     I believe in God. Okay, okay, I know. A huge amount of people believe in “God” or “a God”. Some people believe in a Higher Power- something or someone above us humans. I believe in God of the Bible. And I believe in His Son, Jesus. But I’m not going to try to convince someone to change their way of thinking/believing to match my own. I’ll respect you, you respect me.

I do have a problem with this “no God in schools” thing though. It is downright ridiculous. Not every school is the same, I’m not saying that. But there are kids who get sent home for praying at lunch, kids who get told they can’t sit off by themselves during meal time or break or…

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About Abeltje Quintijn

Dear Readers, fan's, lovers, etc... Strange path of my live... Wanna be me, it has to be me, I am wanna be... If you undertand what I am talking about... Don't foget it's not 'The Ego', the false self, it's real me. Good luck all my brother, sisters, etc... Keep this planet as long as possible alive. Thanking you all. Loving you
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