You’re Invited!

Jo Robinson

I’m going to be hosting a guest on my site, hopefully once a week, so I’m inviting all my friends here to join me too. You don’t have to be a writer and your post can contain pretty much anything other than writings meant for adults only or hate speech. I’ll even fix any typos for you.

If you’d like to introduce us to yourself, your world, career, book, painting, poem, hobby, or whatever else it is that you do, contact me – my email address is Also if you’d like to share an article about something you’re knowledgeable about, or care deeply about, that would be great too.

Come on over guys!


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About Abeltje Quintijn

Dear Readers, fan's, lovers, etc... Strange path of my live... Wanna be me, it has to be me, I am wanna be... If you undertand what I am talking about... Don't foget it's not 'The Ego', the false self, it's real me. Good luck all my brother, sisters, etc... Keep this planet as long as possible alive. Thanking you all. Loving you
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