On Taking the Bible Literally

“Why I Can’t Agree With the Bible”, simply cause I am not a christian. but may others are invited by it, to read more… succes


One of the biggest criticisms that I’ve gotten on my “Why I Can’t Agree With the Bible” series is that I’m taking the Bible as literal. So lets discuss this.

I am trying not to only focus on the most literal translation, but I am looking at the literal translation a fair bit. I have a number of reasons for doing this.
1) The number of Christians who are Biblical literalists. They may not be the majority of Christians, but they are the most vocal. They are also the most problematic. Let’s face it, the majority of Christians can get along just fine with those that don’t share their beliefs. They also happily admit that their holy book isn’t perfect. What’s the point in addressing their view? They aren’t discriminating against people and using the Bible as their excuse to do so. They aren’t trying to tell people what they…

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