An Interview With An Exorcist: Can A Christian Be Demon Possessed?

Sister Abigail Has Received Her Master’s of Shamanism! via @OasisInterfaith plz see also

The Sister Abigail Show

Sister Abigail:  Right, see the ministry of deliverance, gets attacked from within the church by ministers, pastors, preachers, that just don’t understand the subject.  By saying, umm, okay, demons are real, the devil is real, but they can’t bother christians.  Have you heard that?

Rev. Richard Grund:  Yeah I have heard that.  That also flies in the face of the writings of Peter, Paul, James and John. In first Peter, he tells us that there is a roaring lion seeking to devour, and that word devour means to violently tear apart, he is telling us that he is out there and who is he writing to. He is writing to the leaders, he’s not writing to the world.  And then right after that he says when you are done suffering, and there is a topic that no one wants to preach on.  Are you telling me that I might suffer…

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