Should We Attempt to Convert Others?

“A lot of people have different beliefs about…” anything at all, they are humans, with a different mind/thoughts… 🙂 “the person will go to hell” has to be ‘the person is in hell’ when he believes this kind of things, think about nr 13 (friday) write everything from the past, newspapers, magazines, tv-shows etc to show fr. 13th is horror… and here we have a movie (as proof / to make a lot of people afraid, make a lot of money out of it – nice entertainment.)

“The atheists that I know have a similar debate.”
I am not theists, neither atheists, both have something to do with believe. One believes there is, and the other believes there is not.. both not solid proves… I (we) can also write as Bible/Koran etc… Or a very big book, with empty pages… ‘fill in yourself’ “we can eventually get rid of religion and the abuses that come with it.” What does/doesn’t mean it to you? ‘get rid of religion’ is a positive thing! no anymore wodan, odin, etc. The Maya Calendar complete goodbye… (good-buy think movie 2012)

“What are your thoughts on the issue? Why should we go out to convert people? Why should we not?” Some wanna be zombies, (alive people without souls, needs only brains they are clever… they have most of humanity in their power. / sample… excuses, too much population, grand, grand grand children will have less change, create some disease many dies (in horror, lot of pain) and makes money out of it… (pharmacy) ohhh. “I understand the wish to convert people. But on the other hand, I fear it’ll do more harm than good.” let’s convert change into change other’s mind. Don’t forget : Love you!


A lot of people have different beliefs about this. I know Christians who believe that it is the duty of any good Christian to convert others, because otherwise the person will go to hell and it is not right to enjoy heaven when you know that you didn’t do all you can to convert others. As annoying as these people can be, I can’t help but feel some level of respect for them. They are doing what they believe is right, and they truly want what is best for the people that they are trying to convert.

Other Christians that I know believe that it is not their right to tell others what to believe, so they should not attempt to convert others. They also tend to be the type that believes that non-Christians aren’t necessarily destined for hell. I can understand their view too. Like I said before, the…

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